Anaerobic Training


Anaerobic training is awesome, it’s tough and at times debilitating but it’s still awesome. Anaerobic exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and body composition and is a great option for untrained individuals.

At ACTV Anaerobic Capacity or “Threshold Day” is one of our favourite days, it gives our members the opportunity to really push their limits. When your entire body is burning and that voice inside is screaming stop something magical happens.

The beauty of training the anaerobic system is the relatively short duration (30-120s), our Threshold sessions are simply designed but provide interesting and varied challengers for our members. To get the most out of these days we ask for two things:

· Go as hard as you can

· Rest long enough to ensure maximal effort in forthcoming sets

Here is Today’s Session


3 Rounds 60s Work 120s Rest

Assault Bike 15/20 Calories

ME Lunge Jumps


3 Rounds 60s Work 120s Rest

Ski Erg 15/20 Calories

ME Rope Slams


3 Rounds 60s Work 120s Rest

Row 15/20 Calories

ME Squat Jumps

At ACTV we believe in balanced programming that exposes our members to variety of Energy System Development training, including the anaerobic energy system. To achieve this, training sessions need organised and structured with a specific outcome in mind. Too often we see insufficient rest factored into workouts resulting in all training efforts being at the same middling intensity.

A by-product of always training at this same moderately high intensity is overtraining… chronic overtraining leads to a plateau in results and inevitably injury. Training at a variety of intensities across a range of exercises with focus and intent should always be the first consideration when designing a training program.

Matt Pow