Group Training


ACTV Group Training goes far beyond the standard, our training is inclusive and accessible to all ability levels.

The specific, progressive and systemised training program is built on the ACTV 4Fs Performance Model.

Our program is intelligently designed to allow training everyday, alternating focus on each of the 4Fs across the week. Monday, Wednesday & Friday have a greater emphasis on Force whilst still retaining Fitness elements. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday sees the focus move to Fitness training, Form & Flexibility are a constant part of every ACTV session.


  • Fitness is the ability to complete a range of muscular endurance and aerobic endurance tasks from short to long durations.

  • You will sweat and at times you will hurt but most importantly you will get better.

  • Using a number of proven methods our Fitness program is thoughtfully designed to ensure you get the most out of training.


  • Force is the ability to withstand and produce a range of forces with your bodyweight and resistance.

  • In class we use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and bodyweight at different speeds, loads, volumes and in different ways to make you stronger and more powerful.


  • Form is the ability to perform basic gymnastics, gait and hand/foot eye coordination movements and learn new skills.

  • Form training will increase brain function, coordination and sharpen focus through are range of activities including gymnastics, juggling and athletics drills.


  • Flexibility is the ability to move your body through a range of motion. To train and perform at an optimal level developing flexibility must be prioritised.

  • With over 10 years’ experience in injury prevention and performance flexibility is part of each ACTV session.

Price Guide

  • Unlimited Membership: $55 Per Week

  • 3 Sessions Per Week: $45 Per Week

  • 10 Class Card: $200 (3 Month Expiry)