ACTV Strength Co is a strength and conditioning gym that offers a variety of classes to help you achieve your fitness goals.  ACTV’s training program allows everyone to push to THE NEXT LEVEL. The reason so many people love ACTV is because ACTV is a community of people who strive to be better. We train hard, we train smart, and we achieve together.




Ali has been a qualified Personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for the past 12 years. Ali is best known as a professional Ironman, winning the Coolangatta Gold a staggering 7 times and counting. His results in his sport are some of the best, being only the 2nd man in history to hold all four major titles. His knowledge in training, nutrition, recovery and getting the best out of himself and others is second to none. Ali is passionate and caring in his approach to helping others. Ali is a key player in helping grow the community of like minded people here at ACTV.



Anthony founded ACTV in 2017. After retiring from competitive sport Anthony missed the connection of being part of a community and working out alongside mates. He noticed a gap in the market for those who wanted to train in a group setting as well as take their training to the next level.

As the head strength and conditioning coach Anthony writes the ACTV program.

Anthony’s passion for results focused training led him to create a systematic, progressive program based in science that incorporates testing and provides plenty of variety with enough structure to ensure results.

Over the last 7 years Anthony has co-founded many successful businesses such as Magnolia Lane, Kami, Lucky Bao and The Gentleman Routine. He has a passion for building communities and creating environments where people can be the best version of themselves. Anthony is passionate about supporting  ACTV franchisees to open their own thriving businesses that make a difference within their communities.



Luke has a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and was a teacher for over 12 years. Before switching to the fitness industry he was a Deputy Principal, where he led the strategic direction for the school. Luke has also coached a number of high-performance sporting teams in the past and is currently the assistant coach of the Southport Sharks, VFL team. Luke has worked within the fitness industry, starting 10 years ago as a PT where he ran a number of fitness, boxing and sports specific coaching. He’s enthusiasm, passion and love for life, shines through in all that he does. Since joining the ACTV team in 2022 he has been a key player in the strategic direction of ACTV and a welcomed addition to our two founders.